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Friday, March 17, 2006

Statement on the Third Anniversary of the Occupation of Iraq

Statement by Iraqi expatriates on the Third Anniversary of the Occupation of Iraq
March 19, 2006

We the undersigned expatriate Iraqi workers, students, scientists, academics, writers, artists, professionals and business people, witnessing with horror the destruction of our people under an illegal foreign occupation, stand together with the peace movement throughout the world in commemorating three years of a brutal military occupation that has killed and maimed hundreds of thousands, displaced millions, blighted the lives of an entire population and spoiled their environment, shattered our country's physical infrastructure, its civic institutions and its life-support systems, assaulted our culture and desecrated sacred sanctuaries, violated people with deviant cruelty and racist intent, implanted mercenaries and death squads, and encouraged corruption and sedition that threaten us as a people.

We support the call for world-wide demonstrations on 18 March and the demand for the withdrawal of all foreign troops from Iraq, the dismantling of US bases, and an end to US domination of economic and social policies and its interference in domestic Iraqi affairs.

We believe that the occupation is the main cause of insecurity in Iraq, encouraging mistrust among Iraqis, and fomenting sectarian strife and ethnic conflict. The occupation has nurtured corruption and fostered gang crime, and it bears primary responsibility for the activities of murderous sectarian terrorists and criminals. The US occupation prevents Iraqis from overcoming the legacy of 35 years of corrupt and vicious dictatorship and of decades of sanctions and war. It promises nothing except more war of one kind or another for a generation to come. We do not believe that the occupation acts as an insurance against civil war, but that sectarian attacks and the threat of civil war are being used to prolong the occupation.

The Iraqi people have a legitimate inalienable right, under International Law, to resist the occupation. We call upon all Iraqi civil society and political activists, community and religious leaders to cease forthwith all meetings and communications with US, British and other occupation officials and military commanders in Iraq, and to pursue instead a national Iraqi dialogue that is inclusive of the genuine patriotic resistance. The United States must not be allowed to wage its war by proxy, and Iraqi security forces will only gain legitimacy if they break links with the US occupation and dedicate themselves to the service of the Iraqi people. We call upon officials in the new Iraqi military and police, together with civilian officials in government, local authorities, public institutions and state enterprises to end co-operation with US and British occupation forces and to boycott all US and British official personnel, except for withdrawal negotiations.

The objective must be to terminate the abnormal relationship between Iraq and the United States and to establish a healthy state–to-state relationship that is based on Iraqi sovereignty, independence, mutual respect and the principles of international legality.

Peaceful resistance, resistance by other means, and non-cooperation with occupation forces and officials must be a prelude for the new Iraqi Parliament to remove the fig leaf of legitimacy from the forces of occupation. Only then would the new state institutions and political process gain respect and acceptance. Iraqis want unity, peace and stability in order to rebuild their shattered lives and to pursue a national programme of reconstruction and development.

The American and British peoples and the whole world can help Iraq by exerting maximum pressure upon the US and British administrations to remove all their troops and bases, along with the forces of the so-called “Coalition of the Willing” from Iraq; to acknowledge the injustice committed against the people of Iraq; and to help a unified democratic fully independent Iraq in a reconstruction effort.

Professor Abbas Alnasrawi     Vermont, USA
Professor Tareq Ismael     Alberta, Canada
Dr Scheherazade Hassan     Paris, France
Dr Sami AlBanna     Maryland, USA
Dr Kamil Mahdi     Exeter, UK
Dr Mohammed Alwan     Boston, USA
Sami Ramadani     London, UK
Professor Kamal Majid     London, UK
Ghazi Sabir-Ali     Bath, UK
Dr Ahmed Al-Kawaz     
Dr Haifa Jawad     Birmingham, UK
Ja'far al-Samarrai     Toronto, Canada
Sabah Jawad     London, UK
Hani Lazim     London, UK
Fenik Adham     London, UK
Mayada Akrawi     Geneva, Switzerland
Dr Ali Al-Assam     London, UK
Dr Nada Shabout     Texas, USA
Valerie Sabir-Ali     Bath, UK
Dr Nadje Al-Ali     Exeter, UK
Rashad Salim     London, UK
Zaid Albanna     California, USA
Ali AlShahwani     New Zealand
Badia AlBanna     Maryland, USA
Nesreen Melek     Toronto, Canada
Mumtaz Kamala     UK
Nadhim Al-Qazzaz     UK
Dr. Jennan Ismael     Sydney, Australia
Badr AlBanna     California, USA
Shiri Al-Mufti     California, USA
Fay Mahdi     London, UK
Dr Adnan Aldaini     Exeter, UK
Munir Al-Chalabi     Maidenhead, UK
Shiri Al-Mufti     California, USA
Professor Ayad Al-Qazzaz     Sacraneno, Cal, USA
Dr Ahmed Harith Ahmedizzet     Norway
Mundher Adhami     London, UKTahrir Adbul Samad Numan     
Munir El Kadi     Abu Dhabi UAE
Amal Al Khedairy     Amman, Jordan


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